Healthy Chocolate Conversation with Professor Baukje de Roos

Healthy Chocolate Conversation

Wednesday 11th October 2017
The Sloane Club
52 Lower Sloane St, Chelsea, London SW1W 8BS

Hoorah – it is official. Chocolate is good for us! Come and be part of the healthy chocolate conversation with Professor Baukje de Roos and the Academy of Chocolate. The evening’s conversation will end with a tasting of the Academy of Chocolate Awards Golden Bean’s Chocolate Madagascar 100%.

Professor Baukje de Roos is Deputy Director of the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen and has held several major studies on the health effects of chocolate. These health effects have been ascribed, in part, to a non-essential but potentially bioactive secondary metabolites in cocoa called flavonoids. Levels of flavonoids are high in dark chocolate with a high cocoa content which can help to determine how regular consumption of flavonoid rich cocoa products or dark chocolate can influence blood pressure which is the main modifiable risk for heart
disease. (However, promotion of chocolate as a health food is currently difficult because so many commercial confectionery products contain high fat and sugar).
Neil Kelsall is Director of Chocolate Madagascar whose chocolate has consistently featured in the Academy of Chocolate Awards and this year not only won a number of golds but also the coveted Golden Bean.

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Non Members’ tickets: £15
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