The Bean to Bar – Best ‘Chocolate Makers’ Dark Bar (Chocolate Produced From Cocoa Beans Sourced and Processed by the Company

Award Award Winner
Gold Amedei Toscano 63%
Gold Valrhona Manjari 64%
Gold Valrhona Guanaja 70%
Gold Amedei Porcelana
Gold Amedei Chuao
Silver Amedei Toscano 66%
Silver Amedei Toscano 70%
Silver Amedei 9
Bronze Valrhona Caraibe 66%
Bronze Hotel Chocolat St Lucia 72%
Bronze Amano Madagascar

Best House Dark Chocolate Bar

Award Award Winner
Gold William Curley 65% Amedei
Gold William Curley 70% Amedei
Silver Rococo Manjari 64%
Silver Pamaco Samatari
Silver Pamaco Maracado
Bronze Demarquette 65%
Bronze L'Artisan du Chocolat Venezuela

Best Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar

Award Award Winner
Gold Sir Hans Sloane Rose Petal
Gold Valrhona Manjari Orange
Silver Donnelly's Rose
Silver Donnelly's Lavender
Silver Donnelly's Coffee
Silver Laurent Gerbaud Bergamot
Silver Sir Hans Sloane Raspberry
Silver Sir Hans Sloane Almond
Bronze Green and Black's Ginger
Bronze New Tree 73% Pink Pepper
Bronze Sir Hans Sloane Orange Sesame

Best Milk Chocolate Bar

Award Award Winner
Gold Valrhona Jivara 40%
Silver Amedei Toscano Brown
Silver William Curley House
Silver Pamaco Criovemi
Bronze L'Artisan du Chocolat Dominican Republic
Bronze L'Artisan du Chocolat Madagascar

Best Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar

Award Award Winner
Gold Amedei Hazelnuts
Silver L'Artisan du Chocolat Coffee
Silver William Curley Cinnamon
Silver La Molina Latte Menta
Bronze Paul A Young Fennel Seeds and Ginger

Best Ganache Filled Chocolate

Award Award Winner
Gold William Curley Chuao
Gold William Curley Framboise
Gold William Curley Toasted Sesame
Gold William Curley Japanese Black Vinega
Gold Theo Fig and Fennel
Silver William Curley Passion Fruit and Mango
Silver Sir Hans Sloane Passion Fruit
Silver Melt Amedei Truffle
Silver William Curley Thyme and Scottish Heather Honey
Silver William Curley House Blend Early Grey
Silver William Curley Szechuan Pepper
Silver Demarquette Sicilian Lemon
Silver Melt Raspberry Duo
Bronze Melt Vanilla Ganache and Tonka Feuillantine
Bronze Melt Passion Fruit Caramel & Mandarin Ganache
Bronze Paul Wayne Gregory Coconut Bonbon
Bronze William Curley Richmond Park Honey
Bronze Demarquette Fortnum Sandringham Coffee
Bronze Sir Hans Sloane Chinese Tea
Bronze William Curley Sudachi
Bronze Damian Allsop Single Estate
Bronze Demarquette Blanc Manger
Bronze Hotel Chocolat Rabot 62%
Bronze Auberge du Chocolat Amedei House
Bronze Demarquette Honey
Bronze Chococo Wild Thing
Bronze Damian Allsop Salty Liquorice

Best Filled Praline or Bonbon

Award Award Winner
Gold Gobino Cremino e Sale
Gold William Curley Juniper & Cassis
Gold William Curley Sea Salt Caramel
Silver William Curley Fleur de Sel
Silver William Curley Raspberry
Silver Paul Wayne Gregory Praline Crunch Bonbon
Silver Rococo Salty Caramel Ravioli
Silver Theo Sage Caramel
Bronze Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Square
Bronze William Curley Pistachio Toscano

Best Plain Dark Truffle

Award Award Winner
Gold William Curley
Silver Rococo
Silver Paul A Young
Bronze L'Artisan du Chocolat

Best Plain Milk Truffle

Award Award Winner
Silver William Curley

Best Dark Organic Bar

Award Award Winner
Silver Valrhona Cao Grande Noir 70%
Silver The Grenada Chocolate Company 71%
Bronze Rococo House

Best Flavoured Dark Organic Bar

Award Award Winner
Gold Theo Fig Fennel and Almond
Bronze Rococo Pink Peppercorn

Best Milk Organic Bar

Award Award Winner
Silver Valrhona Cao Grande Lait

Best Drinking Chocolate

Award Award Winner
Gold Rococo House
Gold Theo Chipotle Spiced
Silver Paul A Young Spiced Aztec
Bronze William Curley Chilli
Bronze William Curley Spiced
Bronze Paul A Young House Aztec
Bronze Rococo Smilo
Bronze Hotel Chocolat Original Cocoa Stick